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The island of Ithaca is located west of the mainland of Greece in the Ionian Sea and is the second smallest inhabited island in the Ionian. It is well known around the world owing its fame to Homer's epic poems. The name Ithaca has been used in place of the words: target, homesickness, nostalgia and return in many poems and other literature.

Ithaca consists of two peninsulas with about equal extent which are joined by the isthmus of Aetos that is only 620 m. wide. The channel between Ithaca and Kefalonia is 14 miles long, with a maximum width of 3 miles and a minimum of 1.5 miles. Its coastline is about 45 mile which is indented all around with many natural ports. The island is mostly rocky and mountainous but it does have several small valleys where olive trees, vineyards, vegetables and fruit trees are cultivated. The main physical characteristic of Ithaca is the high contrast in its scenery. There are huge menacing rocks jutting up from the ground and just a few steps away are the tranquil orchards and vineyards. The three highest mountains on the island are Mt.Petaleiko in the south, the Homeric Mt. Neritos and the Mt. of Exoghi in the north.
The capital of Ithaca is the town Vathi and the main villages are Perachori, Lefki, Stavros, Platrithias, Anoghi, Exoghi, Frikes and Kioni.