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Yachting in Greece

Greece, the cradle of civilization, the birthplace of Democracy, Plato, Homer, Socrates. Home of the ancient Gods and mythology.

A cruising holiday in the Greek islands will soon persuade you that whoever coined the phrase "Greece, Land of the Gods" was not far off the mark. From the Argosaronic Gulf islands closest in proximity to Athens to the whitewashed Cyclades islands in the Aegean, the lush Ionian archipelago or the cosmopolitan Dodecanese, to the pine laden islands of the Northern Sporades, thousands of miles of coastline and islands in all colours and varieties await your yacht.

The yachting season in Greece runs between early April and late October to early November. There are many destinations to choose from, whether it be in the Aegean or Ionian seas or cruising the endless lace-like coastline of Greece.

The Greek seas are ideal for all types of water sports and all of our listed yachts are equipped with an abundance of water toys for your enjoyment. However, due to the vast archaeological ruins under water, scuba diving is restricted and by rendezvous only at diving schools on certain islands.
The bright blue Greek skies, the crystal clear Greek waters, the stunning natural beauty and the hospitality of the warm-hearted Greek people, are certain to make your cruise the experience of a life time.

Why Charter

A yacht charter is unlikely any other vacation. A charter onboard a yacht offers unique opportunities of sight-seeing, exploring or relaxing in a new location each day. There is no more personalized way to travel.

Start at the crack of dawn and cover as much territory as possible, or sleep till noon and sail for an hour or less to the next anchorage; it's up to you.

Every day on a yacht is a sea day. Though your captain may stop for a light lunch or snorkeling along the way, you will be gently rocking at anchor for the night.

Instead of being locked into a set itinerary, you and your captain choose when and where you want to go, and you can change your mind at any time. Leave spots you don't like early and and extend your stay at those that please you.

We will help you select the right yacht and advice you on your preferred cruising destinations.